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Effective and successful executives, leaders and managers, are good at taking care of their professional needs while also paying attention to their personal needs.  Through a holistic approach, our one on one work will focus on improving the skills that have been identified as important to help you drive results and create positive change within your role and organization, but at the same time look at those things that are important to you as an individual.

The initial assessment, one-on-one coaching sessions and the constant check points throughout our coaching engagement will help establish areas of priority within 4 crucial areas of development.

Style. Relationships. Strategy. Self.

The most effective leaders are aware of their leadership style and how they are seen by others. They are good communicators, relationship builders and decision makers. They know how to carry out and implement strategy, build their teams and the culture of their organization and they always keep in mind what is important to them as individuals and make time for it, even if it means putting it on the schedule.

My goal is to help you improve your leadership and build a high-performance organization, that has a clear vision, and aligned strategy, engaged employees and the best executive team to move the organization to the next level.


Coaching engagements last 6 to 12 months with either weekly of bi-weekly meetings, and can be performed in person or remotely.
At our  initial session and based on your needs, we will determine the structure of your individualized coaching engagement. Continuous check points allow us to make sure you are getting the results you want. Call to schedule your initial free session, 402.968.2140.


An executive session is designed to help you understand your own style better and how it affects your relationships with those you work with. An executive session includes a ProfileXT assessment and a one on one follow up session to discuss results.The ProfileXT® is a tool that can be very helpful in developing mid-level managers. This assessment measures interests, behavioral tendencies and other characteristics that are vital to effective management performance.


The Checkpoint360® measures many specific job skills encompassing several universal management and leadership competencies and a variety of important skill sets. This information comes from surveys completed by staff members at a variety of levels, both below and above the mid-level managers. This information can provide revealing insights as to the individual’s management style and how they are perceived by those around them. The report also suggests strategies for improving the person’s leadership skills and performance level.

After taking the assessment a follow up one on session will be scheduled to discuss results and create a quick action plan around the findings.

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Upon request customized coaching can be designed for a particular group or team within an organization.