What Others Say

“I have worked with Karen for some time now, on two different projects. She is an amazing person, with a tremendous range of experiences and tools to help clients move forward. I believe that coaches and advisors must model leadership, and in her various achievements, Karen has done that, going beyond what many others would do before giving up.
Her sweet spots include leadership and business coaching and — through her ELEVATE Groups work — helping high-potential managers to make significant, measurable gains in actual performance.
Karen is easy to work with, authentic, trustworthy, effective, and efficient. I have seen her coach other people to overcome big obstacles, and she is able to connect with her clients, understand their unique situations, and influence them to keep moving forward in ways that help their own careers and get results for their organizations.
I highly recommend Karen’s work!”
~ Andrew Neitlich
Director of Center for Executive Coaching and Institute for Business Growth

“Karen is a fantastic coach. She meets folks where they are and knows just when to nudge.”
~ Rebecca Turner
Executive Director at Ted E. Bear Hollow, Inc.

“Karen is an agile coach that pays close attention to individualism. She recognizes success and always checks for understanding.”
~ Melissa Worner

“Her coaching skills really were second to none in developing my career path and new ways to lead myself, my team and my organization as a whole.”
~ Jamie Jorgensen
Dealer Customer Account Specialist at Syngenta