Team Effectiveness

TeamWork2Successful teams are crucial for the success of an organization.  Whether these teams exist as part of the organizational structure like for example the sales team or the executive team,  or are created for a particular project and have a determined purpose and duration, their effectiveness and results depend on how well each team member works with the others, how well they communicate, how well they understand each team members’ expectations and responsibilities and the way they measure and track success to make sure the team’s outcomes are aligned with the organization’s and they are driving results.

Dysfunctional teams exist in many organizations, and sometimes what worked once for the team may not be working anymore and the team needs to look at ways to improve.

Working with existing teams, can significantly improve their ability to perform and achieve its goals through increased communications and engagement of each individual in their own role and as a member of the team.

Equal importance can be placed in the process of team formation, and working with organizations through this process can ensure that the team has a strong foundation to effectively work together and achieve its goals.

Successful team building starts with an accurate assessment of the team’s current situation, goals, challenges and desired outcomes, and it is followed by a set of customized strategies and activities designed to meet the particular needs of the organization.

As your coach these are some of the things I can assist your team and your organization with:

-  Team structure and formation
-  Define action plan and objectives, outcomes, results measurement and tracking
-  Team communication
-  Anticipating and handling problems and setbacks
-  Build or improve personal relationship and trust as a team
-  Manage transitions