Karen Klingberg
MBA, Certified Executive & Leadership Coach, Certified Business Coach

“My passion ~ positive change. My mission ~ to help individuals improve and drive results within their organizations and  themselves.”

I am an experienced trainer and facilitator, as well as provide individual leadership support and coaching for executives and business owners on a one-on-one basis.

I understand the struggles and the challenges that leaders face, what makes them successful and how they can effectively and efficiently build a high performance organization.

My role as a coach is that of a trusted partner. Guiding you through a process and helping you improve in those areas that have been identified as critical for your success and the success of your organization. I believe in efficiency and the balance between process and people. An organization cannot be successful adapting to change and growing if it hasn’t mastered both.

My approach has four fundamental characteristics:

It is Holistic ~ it looks at leaders in their role within the organization at all levels as well as in their personal life.
It is Strategic ~ it follows a process and a plan of action that is relevant to the particular needs of each leader and organization.
It is Efficient ~ we work on the things that are important and strive to achieve results within an accelerated time frame.
It is Impactful ~ results are measurable and have a positive effect on the organization as a whole and the individual leader.

“My commitment ~ to help you improve in ways that are measurable and relevant to your needs, to treat you with respect and confidentiality, and to help you reach greater levels of performance as a leader.”

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Max G. Menkov
MBA, Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Six Sigma Green Belt, Fellow in the Academy of Healthcare Management

“My passion ~ achieving results through servant leadership and effective processes. My mission ~ to help businesses achieve the state of maximum performance by aligning the goals of individuals with the goals organizations.

All too often, I have seen an investment that organizations have made in improvement of their processes and methodologies go to waste because the tools did not fit the needs of an organization or because the employees were not motivated and did not believe in change to properly execute. On the flip side, I have seen the enthusiasm and motivation of high performing teams fizzle away and die defeated by antiquated, bureaucratic, and ineffective processes and methodologies that did not make sense.

I am an Agile champion but not Agile purist. The change is best executed gradually as one cannot boil the ocean. Different organizations mature differently and therefore cannot be squeezed into the same methodology. One size does not fit all. Agility is not just methodology, it’s a state of mind.

I am a servant leader that believes in humanizing work. I believe in the power of empathy and humility and strive to not only understand an organization but also an individual. It’s only through the alignment of the goals between an individual and an organization that the maximum state of performance is achieved.

My role as a coach is that of a sense maker and a dot connector. I will listen and will guide you towards the best project management model to fit your organization.

“My commitment ~ to help you unlock the capacity of your employees and your organization and to help your team to sustainably deliver business value.”

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