Coaching Defined

Executive coaching is an efficient, flexible, high impact process that helps individuals that are in leadership roles achieve change and improve results that are sustainable over time.

During a coaching engagement, as the coach, I work in partnership with clients to understand a situation and discover solutions together through careful listening, active inquiry, guidance and the right level of motivation at the right time. My goal is to enable clients to find the right answer by him or herself.

For effective coaching to occur, the individual needs to have a goal in mind of what they want to achieve whether within their own leadership role, the way they lead or the organization as a whole. Sometimes this goal is not clear, so part of my duty is also to guide clients through the process of assessing the situation and deciding what needs to happen next.

My role as a coach is to ask great questions, push the envelope and hold clients accountable in ways colleagues in the same organization won’t do. Often acting as an objective, trusted advisor as well as a colleagues and confidant.