As a coach I want to help you create the most impact and drive results in your role and within the organization. With that purpose in mind, I have designed a process that allows me to work effectively and efficiently to make sure we are working on the issues that matter most for you as an individual and for the organization.  This simple yet powerful process ensures that we are focused and that the result achieved will stick over time.


~ To be thoroughly familiar with ~
Every coaching engagement starts here. Before setting business or individual strategy and a plan of action, we need to understand the current situation, needs and goals as well as the desired outcomes.  This initial phase may include data collection, personal and other assessments, interviews with individuals within the organization or others depending on what we agree upon at the beginning to be the best way to evaluate and understand the present.

~ To contrive, plan, or elaborate. To form a plan ~
After careful assessment and understanding of the needs and goals, together we create a plan of action and a coaching agenda as well as defined implementation steps and success measures for each one of the results that you want to achieve.

~ To become involved ~
Here’s were the change happens. Coaching takes place as determined for the particular desired result. This phase includes reviews and check-ups throughout the engagement to make sure you we are on the right track and adjust accordingly if necessary.  The engagement phase doesn’t end until we are able to measure the improvements and the end result has been achieved.

~ The act or an instance of following up, as to further an end or review new developments ~
To make sure that the results are sticking and the change has been meaningful and impactful for you and your organization we get together again months after the engagement is over to do final checkup or assessment.