Lead with Humanity

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End of the year, beginning of a new one. This means time for reflection, looking back at what has been accomplished, and taking time to make new resolutions. As you look back at your year, I am sure you will find not only lots of accomplishments and successes to celebrate, but perhaps also a few mistakes and wrongs that have not been  mended. We always think of the times in which we could have done something more, something else, something better.  That one opportunity in which we could have said something or reacted differently, that...

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From Vision to Tactics: How to stay focused on what really matters

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Some of the biggest issues that leaders face today are burnout, stress, and overwhelm. Leaders must do so much with limited resources, while keeping up with technology, managing a virtual and global workforce that spans multiple generations, and do it all in an incredibly volatile economy. For all of these reasons, leaders can benefit from a tool that keeps them focused on what really matters. The Leader’s Dashboard is a simple one-page tool that summarizes the most important things on the leader’s plate. It includes a succinct summary of:...

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Thank. Lead… Then Thank Again

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Want to increase engagement and productivity in your organization? Easy! Thank your people more. Obviously, running around the office saying thanks to everyone left and right won’t alone help solve the issue completely, but doing it the right way can help you start creating a more positive environment in which employees are more engaged, productive and invested in what they do every day, driving better results that could be seen all the way down to the bottom line and all the way up to the smiles on your employees’ faces. The workplace ranks...

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Care about your manager’s success? You should!

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So you have a boss.  Mostly everyone does. Some people out there will even argue that actually everyone has a boss.  Maybe you are a boss yourself, or you want to be. Either way, you probably already know that bosses have many responsibilities and a lot is expected of them. These expectations come from different levels, and employees are no exception. Employees tend to demand a lot of their bosses and that is obviously the way it should be.  Employees want their bosses to help them be successful, to support them, to give them direction, to...

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Women Leaders – How to cope with the demands of leadership and be successful

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Women make great leaders, there’s no doubt about that.  We are capable of bringing unique qualities to the meeting table; from fostering collaboration, strengthening relationships and building consensus to thinking comprehensively, being creative and having great intuition.  Even more, we are resilient and we don’t accept no for an answer, when our mind is set on something we go for it until we achieve our goal. Whether you are in top management, middle management, non-profit, community work or own your own company, each position has a...

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Keep your best and brightest

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Feed them. Give them new experiences. Understand the growth they’ll bring you. If you want keep that ‘right hand man / woman’ working at your organization, keep on reading!

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Sustainable little changes over time, amount to a lot!

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Small, slow paced, thought out and meaningful changes that stick in the long run are more effective in driving positive changes in leadership skills of high performing, already successful individuals in a way that is meaningful to them, their organization, its employees and its customers.

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