From Vision to Tactics: How to stay focused on what really matters

Posted by on Jan 15, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Some of the biggest issues that leaders face today are burnout, stress, and overwhelm. Leaders must do so much with limited resources, while keeping up with technology, managing a virtual and global workforce that spans multiple generations, and do it all in an incredibly volatile economy.

For all of these reasons, leaders can benefit from a tool that keeps them focused on what really matters.

The Leader’s Dashboard is a simple one-page tool that summarizes the most important things on the leader’s plate.

It includes a succinct summary of:

-        The organization’s vision.
-        The organization’s purpose and mission.
-        Values.
-        Strategic edge.
-        Top 3 initiatives.
-        Key performance indicators to track success.
-        Relationships.
-        Top strategies to build organizational capacity.

The leader can also create a career/professional dashboard covering the same areas, except for his or her own career. That way, it becomes clear whether the leader is aligned with the organization’s direction or not, and steps to take if there are gaps in alignment.

Perhaps most importantly, everyone in the organization can create their own dashboard. When this exercise is done properly, everyone is aligned, focused on what matters, and accountable. Each dashboard rolls up into the larger whole – using only a single sheet of paper!

The process is extraordinary because it is so simple, practical and powerful. No expensive software is needed. No teams of consultants need to swoop in. Rather, with a little bit of facilitation and coaching, each member of the organization gets clarity about what really counts.

In today’s world of super complicated algorithms, virtual communication, and gut-wrenching volatility, it is refreshing to have a tool like the Leader’s Dashboard.

For more information about the Leader’s Dashboard, and to take our free self-assessment about how aligned and accountable your organization is, click here.